10-Piece Monaco Non-Stick Aluminum Cookware Set

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Denmark Tools for Cooks presents high-quality cookware essentials crafted for everyday home chefs with the standards of professional kitchens. Our assortment delivers exceptional cooking performance and durability, with forged aluminum construction and sets designed for every step of your recipes. Built to be a workhorse no matter what you’ve got cooking, this 3-piece set is ready to become your favorite pan in the kitchen.




This 10-piece non-stick cookware set from Denmark Tools for Cooks delivers stellar cooking performance and a stylish design with a grooved pattern and sleek matte black finish. Crafted to meet the standards of pro chefs, this set features a premium non-stick coating that provides excellent food release and effortless cleanup. Nothing makes your recipe come together quite like a great cooking surface that prevents your food from sticking to the pan!


This set of pots and pans features durable aluminum construction built to last for years of everyday use. Further, aluminum is an energy-efficient material, heating up quickly and distributing heat evenly to reduce hot spots. The tight-fitting glass lids include steam vents to lock in the perfect amount of moisture. They also allow you to easily monitor your recipe as it cooks.

10-Piece Non-Stick Cookware Aluminum Monaco Set Pots Pans Black


This chic set stands out on the stovetop with its unique textured exterior and polished easy-clean finish. Simple to use and convenient to clean, this set comes in a stylish black color that beautifully enhances your kitchen. Additionally, these pots and pans show off our Monaco design (also in gray and black) with a subtle and elegant grooved exterior that adds contemporary style to your home no matter what you’re cooking.


This 10-piece non-stick cookware set is designed for modern convenience and optimal cooking. As a result, it includes all the essentials for your creative culinary adventures!

  • 5.5 qt Dutch Oven with Lid
  • 3 qt Sauté Pan with Lid
  • 2 qt Saucepan with Lid
  • 1 qt Saucepan with Lid
  • 9 in. Frying Pan
  • 11 in. Griddle

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Denmark Tools for Cooks presents high-quality cookware essentials crafted for everyday home chefs with the standards of professional kitchens. Our assortment delivers exceptional cooking performance and durability, with forged aluminum construction and sets designed for every step of your recipes. Built to be a workhorse no matter what you’ve got cooking, this 3-piece set is ready to become your favorite pan in the kitchen.

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Non Stick, Oven Safe, Stove Top

32 reviews for 10-Piece Monaco Non-Stick Aluminum Cookware Set

  1. support

    Great Item

  2. support

    Nice Product

  3. Mommabear22

    Love it
    Love this set, the color is so nice. Is red but the inside is pearly and kind of sparkly. I love that it comes in different sizes. What I love the most is the flat cookware. It can be used for pancakes, tortillas. Nothing gets stuck.

  4. Momof2kids

    Classy cooking
    What a beautiful set of pots. They are both sturdy and nice looking. They are not heavy or clumsy. The variety of sizes makes this set one that I can use parts of daily. The wash and dry easily making it a pleasure.

  5. Anniemac419

    Good value
    DENMARK TOOLS FOR COOKS – 10PC MONACO ALUM SET – MATTE BLACK Is a great value. It comes with a a really nice set of good sizes of pots pans and lids. The set is also very aesthetically pleasing. Lightweight and nonstick

  6. GaReviewer

    Good Quality
    This Denmark Monaco 10 piece Black Nonstick Aluminum Cookware Set is a really nice set. So far nothing has stuck to these pans. The griddle pan is really good to make pancakes on. I definitely recommend the whole set.

  7. Laci

    1. The surface is easily worn. even after washing your hands gently 2. The bolt on one of the sauce pots was loose, causing water to escape. I think I used it a maximum of five times. each one hand-washed. 3. The inside surfaces and edges chip so easily that I’m afraid I’ll swallow the coating. I was immediately enamored with the aesthetics of these pots and pans, and I took great care to preserve them until I came to understand that the product was the problem, not myself. Spend less and choose a set that is durable rather than unique or adorable.

  8. lindseeyymariee

    Beautiful set!
    This matte black Monaco non-stick aluminum cookware set is beautiful! I love the pearly look on the inside, and the dark matte black grooves on the outside! Cooking in them has been great! I have an electric stove and often burn eggs, but with the griddle piece I am able to cook them perfectly thanks to the even heat distribution. These are so easy to clean as well! The set came with care instructions which I thought was great. I’ve never had a set of pots and pans come with care instructions. I made sure every person in my house who is able to reach the stove knows not to use metal on these!

  9. cortneymaul

    Just What I Needed For My Kitchen
    This 10-piece cookware set far exceeds my expectations. I appreciate every piece in this set as I have a need for each and every one. The non stick surface has made cooking and cleaning so convenient. I love the sleek and modern design. They look sharp on my stovetop. I also appreciate that lids are included.

  10. Twallace

    Very good quality.
    I received these pots and pans as a sample, and I have been pleasantly surprised and how good they are. They are very easy to clean. So far, nothing has stuck on them. I would highly recommend these to my friends and family

  11. Suza

    My new favorite brand
    When I received these pots and pan set, I figured they would be like every other set I’ve bought in the past. But I thought let’s try them out and see If they’re any better than thr last ones. So I started cooking and I was blown away. They are amazing. Nothing stuck, my metal utensils didn’t scratch them (don’t worry it was just a test) and they survived in the oven at pretty high temperatures. I know one thing, they make cooking a lot easier and I definitely recommend them.

  12. Jt19

    Great product!
    I have really enjoyed this set of pots and pans, I am so happy that I was lucky enough to get this set. They are absolutely beautiful and cook the food well. The quality is amazing and they clean up easy.

  13. Irethsue

    So far, nice!
    They look really well, the white interior ceramic looks super fancy and the exterior ribbed design is very modern (tho I’m not sure yet about how well it will keep up). But so far, so good! I have made some meat, fried an egg (butter added) and made pancakes with sprinkles and they came out without sticking and the pan actually heated really well at low! Vs my regular pans that need medium to high intensity. I like the handle hollow design because it makes it really light and it never heated up. They are dishwasher friendly, but hear my advice and just don’t do it. Handwashing will make them last longer.

  14. Tawny76

    Beautiful & Durable!
    WOW! This Denmark Tools for Cooks – Monaco, Matte Black Cookware set is THE best set I’ve ever owned! Not only is it beautiful, but each piece is masterfully designed and crafted for durability and sustenance. I know that I’ll be enjoying using these tools for many years to come. They have already been used and washed quite a few times and show no signs of wear or scratches. I highly recommend and brag about them often! 😁

  15. Lena87

    Really Top Notch
    I had been researching cookware for awhile when I came across Denmark Tools for Cooks. I had never heard of them before but the more I looked into them, the moreni was intrigued. I have a lot of experience with many different brands of cookware over the years. Some were very good pieces that I still have from a decade or more ago, and some ended up in recycling after only a year or less of use (even with proper care and usage [i.e. proper temperature range to prevent warping, proper utensil usage to prevent scratching if nonstick, etc]). The first thing to catch my eye was the design of this cookware. I like the way the pots and pans look but I especially enjoy how heavy duty they look and perform but are incredibly lightweight. I haven’t used them for a year yet but usually by then the durability rating can begin. I am using these as per instructions, within a certain heat range and with nonstick safe utensils. I made a very colorful stew and there was no staining or smell to that lovely pearlescent finish on the inside of the pot. The lids are a structured nicely, although while cooking with lid on, an oven mitt/towel/pot holder should be used as the handle gets hot. I will absolutely be checking out more from Denmark Tools for Cooks and will be recommending to everyone I know that loves to cook as much as I do.

  16. entangledhere

    Stunning! But fragile!
    This Denmark Tools Monaco set is absolutely gorgeous right out of the box! There is a list of recommended rules to follow, which you must read! Not dishwasher safe, don’t use certain utensils or rough sponges, cook with plenty of oil, etc. Even following the rules, my nonstick coating already has some scratches, sadly. But with care, I think these will really hold up for many years. I love that the nonstick coating is free of harmful chemicals and that the rest of the pots/pans are aluminum. We just got married and this is such a wonderful addition to our kitchen. What a perfect wedding or housewarming gift these would make!

  17. lashworth

    Great set
    This set of pans is great! They wash up easily in the dishwasher. They heat up quickly on the stove. They are easy to clean and easy to cook with. The sizes of the pans are just right for what I need.

  18. Amykatelyn21

    Wonderful pots and pans!
    My pots and pans needed to be replaced in this new set has been wonderful! When I did receive them the box was missing the one quart pot however I contacted the company and they immediately sent me out a replacement. Definitely great customer service! These pots and pans look really nice, I really like the black on the outside and the white on the inside. They heat well and so far I have really enjoyed cooking with them!

  19. Rjdbrnhrt

    Easy to clean, lightweight
    This is a great set of assorted size pans. I really like that it comes with plenty of lids. They are very easy to clean, and so far nothing sticks to them. They are lighter than expected, so I’m kind of concerned about long term durability, but they may just be light because they’re aluminum. The only negative thing I have to say is that I wish the handles had a silicone coating. They get very hot, so a hot pad is necessary.

  20. Robbin

    Wonderful set
    I received the DENMARK TOOLS FOR COOKS – 10PC MONACO ALUM SET – MATTE BLACK as a sample to review. I really enjoyed cooking with set of pots and pans. The set was very easy to use and clean. I just wish the end of the handles weren’t so sharp.

  21. Audie04

    Great set
    This 10 piece set has everything for all of your cooking needs. It’s very stylish and heats up quickly & evenly. It has a great non-stick surface which makes for easy cleaning. The tempered glass lids enable you to see what you’re cooking with a hole to vent the steam preventing any boiling over.The dutch oven is good for soups or pasta dishes. I use the frying pans for various things including stir fry and the griddle makes awesome pancakes & veggie bacon. This is an attractive and efficient cookware set.

  22. bJSTUMAN9977

    So beautiful!!!
    We absolutely love this set. It’s so pretty and a great addition to any kitchen. They quality is definitely there for the price. Very well made and so easy to clean. I have cooked a variety of food in all of them. It didn’t stick, burn or smoke. I highly recommend this set as well as any other they have. Very VERY PLEASED.

  23. Smitches5

    Stack well
    I like the way these pans look. They have some texture that makes them different. They stack well and don’t take up too much cupboard space. They cook well enough and don’t stick. They are handwash and one thing that drives me crazy is the way they dry with water spots. I recommend drying them also.

  24. Gachick36

    Love these
    I love this awesome set! They are nice! They do not slide around on the stove. The bottom seems to grip the eye of the stove. They are non stick so it makes cleaning up so much easier. I love the color!!! This is my new favorite set!

  25. ngalvan

    Cannot recommend. Incomplete Set.
    I wish I could write a better review for this set but unfortunately the box did not contain all of the pieces that it should have. The small saucepan was missing. The lid made it into the box but the saucepan did not. Such low quality checks leads me to believe they do not take pride in their products. To be clear: this is not a shipping issue- this is a brand issue.

  26. booVonne

    Classy and simple
    Nonstick and aluminum. I like that they are matte, it gives the cookware a classy look. It works with my kitchen scheme. There seems to be some staining from using tomato sauce and the color doesn’t go away. I’ve also noticed some chips, despite using plastic/wooden utensils as opposed to metal to keep them from scratching. Not a huge fan

  27. TamikaR

    Beautiful set
    This is a 350° oven safe 10 Piece Cookware Set that is non-stick aluminum cookware set that delivers fast and even heating. The non-stick coating delivers excellent food release and an easy cleanup. The Double riveted handles allow a comfortable grip. The black matte color is really nice along with the design on the pots. I’ve only used the 11″ griddle pan and so far it cooks evenly and has been easy to wash and clean. I also spray it with olive oil before using and haven’t had any staining issues after cleaning.

  28. Robynb75

    Non-Stick Hooray!!
    Finally a nice pot and pan set that you can buy an entire set that is truly non-stick! And the style and design is gorgeous to look at. So nice not having to worry about the pans getting stuck on food and ruining what you are trying to cook. These cook the food as you would expect a good pan to do. And clean up is such a breeze.

  29. Whitetigress1

    Like them
    Denmark Tools for Cooks 10pc Monaco Alum Set in Matte Black is really great quality. A little upset I didn’t get the full set shipped though. I have a tiny lid that doesn’t go with any pot or pan that was sent and it isn’t 10 pieces for me. Aside from that, the pots and pans that I did receive are very nice and work incredibly well. I do love them but I would love it even more if I had received the full set.

  30. Teri93

    Denmark Tools 10pc Monaco Alum Set
    I just received the Denmark Tools 10pc Monaco Alum Set a few days ago and I really like it . Cooks the food evenly and very easy cleaning . I will definitely recommend this product to my friends and family .

  31. Missy52

    Very nice Cookware Set
    I really enjoy using this product. It’s made of really good quality. It’s such a pretty cookware set. This is the nicest and most expensive set I’ve ever owned. This cookware set does not stick. Your food will just slide right out of the skillet. I fried eggs this morning and put just a little butter in the skillet for flavor. My eggs slid right out , no sticking at all. I’ve never had a cookware set that came with so many lids for each pot and pan before. These are super easy to clean. I always use plastic utensils on any of my cookware because I think metal utensils ruin them. I would recommend this cookware set to anyone.

  32. Kim W

    This is such a beautiful set of cookware! I love the matte finish on this set–the handles are heavy duty and have a really beautiful aesthetic. I love the way these clean up, too. They’re non-stick and really easy to use.

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