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The way professional chefs are able to toss food and handle their cookware as though they are weightless can often times be mesmerizing. When tossing food is attempted at home, the chef’s skill is truly apparent when weight and need for accuracy are felt.

Now, anyone can have the handling and accuracy of a professional chef with the GZero cookware line. The innovative curved handle design requires 30% less effort while using, promoting confident and comfortable cooking. The curved handle doubled with the soft-touch feel ensures almost anyone can flip and toss food easily right in the cookware.

The design of the handle makes it more compact, saving space on the stovetop, in the oven, stored away, and in the dishwasher. And without a handle protruding from the stovetop, it minimizes cooking accidents.

This cutting-edge design is easy to handle, space saving, and will surely be the go-to cookware for years to come.


    • Saves space on stovetops and in ovens
    • Handle design minimizes cooking accidents